Saturday, March 20, 2010

Poor customer support from Panasonic

I have old Panasonic CRT TV (Sophia - Model TC-21S91N). I wanted the operation manual and visited the panasonic website ( and found that they don't even list Telivisions in the download manuals page (is panasonic stoped selling TVs?). I tried the international site also. I could not find this model. It is costs nothing for the company to keep the details about the product even if the product is retired. Lot of people may be still using it. I will think twice before buying any Panasonic product now.
Tale story: after some internet search, i found a manual for similar model from . This is good site for finding out old manuals.

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Gaurav said...

I'd bought a microwave oven from Panasonic in December, 2008. Within a few months the unit stopped working. Since it was still under warranty, the dealer reluctantly replaced the unit after I shouted to the service centre that my unit was not being repaired. Now it' completely stopped working ... and just out of warranty, so I'll probably have to pay exorbitant costs this time. Whatever happened to old fashioned reliability ? What's the value of the Panasonic brand if a product sold last barely a few months after the 1-year warranty ?